The City of Cunningham is governed by a mayor and city council system.

Mayor:  Aaron Murphy

Council Members:  Bart Ricke, Jason Ruckle,  Tim Schultz, Karl Vierthaler, and Craig Woodard

City Clerk: Molly Morgan

City Treasurer: Eric Meyers

City Superintendent: Mesa Sallee

City Attorney: Greg Graffman

Fire Chief: Harold Stark

Property Officer: Jackie Ruckle

The City of Cunningham is zoned.  Members of the City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals are Jeanette Kerschen, Connie Panek, Glenda Thornhill, Jack Crick, Bernie Albers, and Monte Rose.    Zoning Administrator is Molly Morgan.  C. Bickley Foster of Foster & Associates, Wichita, Kansas, is  the City Planning & Zoning Consultant.

Residents in Dresden Township(North of First Street) and Residents in Rural Township(south of First Street) vote in the Cunningham Community Center.

City Elections are held at the Cunningham Community Center.

Cunningham is in Kingman County Commission District 3.

Kingman Co. Commissioners: Fred Foley, Jerry Henning, Jack Thimesch

Dresden Township Board Members: Kevin Halderson, John Huffman, Robert Bainum

Rural Township Board Members
: Gary Sterneker,  Robert Renner, Bob Sterneker

Cemetery Board: Bernie Albers, Robert Renner, Aaron Murphy